Getting to Know You: Aiming to Better Understand Your Learners

Prior to the pandemic, delivering learning to a highly dynamic and mobile workforce was already a daunting task. Now, organizations are spending significant time and resources trying to understand the best ways to help their employees continue to learn, upskill, and reskill for the future. It has become clear that personalizing learning is the key to helping employees during this tumultuous time. If learning can be highly contextualized and delivered in the flow of work, then the employee has the best chance to take advantage of the learning and put it to use.

how well do you know your learnersWe’ve been thinking a lot about this topic here at Litmos and wanted to share what we’ve learned. Some of the results from a survey we did were quite eye-opening, so we compiled them into a new eBook with the analyst firm, Brandon Hall Group. The intention is to help shape how you get to know learners in the future and how you frame (and ask) the meaningful questions that will enable you to do so.

Please download the eBook, How Well Do You Know Your Learners?, for a deep dive on how well most companies know their learners, based on survey results and analysis from Brandon Hall Group and Litmos. You’ll gain insights and get ideas for solutions on:

  • Personalizing and contextualizing learning
  • Better serving remote and mobile workers
  • Reducing searches for unsanctioned content
  • Striking the right balance of learning environments
  • Meeting learner needs at any level of tech-savviness

Get the eBook now >

If you’re more of a sit back and listen type, then please check out this recorded webinar on the same topic. In it, David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst with Brandon Hall Group, and Mike Martin, Head of Customer Experience and Learning with Litmos, examine the results of the “understanding learners” survey.

Both of these resources, the eBook and the webinar, offer strategies for moving forward and provide expert guidance to help learning professionals leverage data and insights to better understand their learners. We hope this gives you additional support as you refine your strategy to develop and deliver a personalized learning experience for every employee.